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Too Much Glue    by Jason Lefebvre & Zac Retz order for
Too Much Glue
by Jason Lefebvre
Order:  USA  Can
Flashlight Press, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Matty loves glue. Matty loves lots of glue. There has never been a bottle of glue that Matty couldn't empty in just minutes. So when his art teacher keeps telling him, 'Matty, too much glue!', the little boy just smiles.

Then one day during art class Matty gets a little carried away. Well, actually he gets a lot carried away. Not only does he empty a couple of big bottles of the sticky stuff on a table but he also belly-flops into the gooey mess himself.

Oh dear, what will he do? Actually he isn't going to do anything because now it is up to Matty's classmates to figure out how to get their friend out of this sticky predicament. After a number of creative attempts to extricate Matty there's an impressive, colorful work of art on the table and, unfortunately, Matty is at the center of it.

With his teacher frantically hyperventilating into a paper bag and the school nurse and principal at a loss about what to do, it is going to be up to Matty's dad to figure out how to handle this sticky situation.

Zac Retz's digital art brings this humorous story to life while Jason Lefebve's zany text explains what's happening. This wonderful picture book will have the reader in stitches as Matty helplessly wallows in the gloppy gloop, clingy, sticky mess he has created.

And don't worry. Matty's dad, an accomplished glue guy himself, knows just what to do to salvage the situation and turn a disaster into a lesson on creativity!

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