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Explore Electricity!    by Carmella Van Vleet & Bryan Stone order for
Explore Electricity!
by Carmella Van Vleet
Order:  USA  Can
Nomad, 2013 (2013)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Children six years of age and older will discover 25 projects in this book which will allow them to explore the wonders of electricity. These safe activities teach some of the basics of currents, circuits, power, magnetism and electromagnetism, plus motors and generators.

A two page timeline introduces the reader to the important dates and personalities who made milestone discoveries that helped us understand and benefit from electricity. Besides Alessandro Volta and Thomas Edison, these individuals include Nikola Tesla, James Wimshurst and Michael Faraday.

The hands-on portion of the book explains experiments with static electricity, creating simple circuits and a simple motor, and constructing a paperclip switch and a lemon battery.

Throughout the book important words are highlighted in Words to Know boxes and interesting facts appear next to the Did you know? icon. For example, you'll discover that Hoover Dam on the Colorado River uses 17 huge electrical turbines to create enough electricity for over a million people.

Besides the activities there's lots of general information about the topic and a helpful list of resources at the back of the book. Both home schooling families and teachers will find this book a handy aid when it comes to teaching a youngster about electricity.

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