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I Can Brush My Teeth: Caillou    by Sarah Margaret Johanson & Pierre Brignaud order for
I Can Brush My Teeth
by Sarah Margaret Johanson
Order:  USA  Can
Chouette, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Every night after Caillou gets his pajamas on, his mother cleans his teeth. The same thing happens again when the little boy gets up in the mornings. Then one day Caillou's father decides it is time for Caillou to brush his own teeth, with a little help of course.

'Caillou brushes his front teeth. Little circles round and round. He looks in the mirror and sees Daddy doing the same thing. Next, he brushes the back teeth. It's hard to reach them. He moves his brush from side to side.'

Now that he is a big boy, Caillou does his own teeth every day with his parents' supervision. He is very proud of himself. Then when he is playing with his toys, Caillou decides his dinosaurs need to have their teeth cleaned too. Using a stick as a pretend toothbrush, Caillou tells his dinosaurs to 'Open wide!' and then he gives them a good tooth cleaning.

This is an excellent book for children two years of age and older who are ready to transition into brushing their own teeth. Not only does Caillou demonstrate how this should be done but the book also comes with a toothbrush that will fit nicely into a small hand. You'll find handy tips on good dental care too.

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