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Fresh from the Farm: Caillou    by Kim Thompson & Eric Sevigny order for
Fresh from the Farm
by Kim Thompson
Order:  USA  Can
Chouette, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Caillou and his family are off to do some grocery shopping. But when his father drives right past the big grocery store Caillou wonders what is going on.

'Daddy! You missed the store!' Caillou cries out. That's when he finds out the family is heading to the weekly Farmer's Market. A new experience for the little boy, walking around the area with all the fresh produce and other items is exciting.

When Caillou notices that some things like bananas are not on the tables for sale his mother explains that the market only offers things grown nearby and in season. Sampling fresh honey and tasting goat cheese are new experiences for Caillou but the biggest surprise comes when his mother buys a vegetable called asparagus. Neither Caillou nor his sister, Rosie, has seem this odd looking vegetable before.

When the family gets home another new experience awaits Caillou. His mother cuts up the asparagus and makes soup with it. At dinner time everyone enjoys a very tasty, green soup made with a fresh vegetable.

Children three years of age and up will discover what they might encounter on a visit to a local Farmer's Market. This would be an excellent way to explain the differences between locally grown and store bought products to a young child.

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