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Part-time Princess: Girl by Day. Princess by Night    by Deborah Underwood & Cambria Evans order for
Part-time Princess
by Deborah Underwood
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

During the day she's like any other little girl. The little girl in this picture book goes to school, has to deal with a little brother and has chores and homework to do. But, at night after her mom tucks her in, suddenly this all changes and the child becomes a princess.

A sparkling crown appears on her head, a magic staircase rolls down from her window and a coach awaits the young princess. She hops in and off she goes because there is much she has to do. This part-time princess has a fire to put out in the castle and a pesky dragon to deal with. When those tasks are completed there's lunch with the queen, a game of leapfrog (with real frogs), and then a bath because tonight is the royal ball.

Besides greeting all the guests, the part-time princess amuses the troop of big, hairy trolls who show up. No matter, though, because she knows trolls love to dance so she calls, 'Strike up the band!' and whirls across the floor with the head troll.

Of course, when her evening's work is finished, the part-time princess heads back to her bedroom because soon it will be time to get up and start another day.

If there is a little princess in your household, odds are she'll love this amusing tale about a child who has to balance two jobs but does so admirably.

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