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Now I'm Big!    by Karen Katz order for
Now I'm Big!
by Karen Katz
Order:  USA  Can
Margaret K. McElderry, 2013 (2013)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This bright, bouncy picture book features all sorts of things that babies can't do that toddlers can. 'When I was a baby Daddy put on my booties and snapped my snaps,' explains the story's narrator. 'Now I'm big! I can snap my snaps and zip my zippers all by myself.'

As you turn the pages and look at the oversized illustrations here, you'll see a number of things that prove the babies are now old enough to do many things for themselves.

Drinking from a bottle and using just fingers has now given way to using a cup for milk and a fork and spoon for food. Diapers have been replaced by real underpants and no longer having to crawl on the floor, Baby can run, jump and spin. 'When I was a baby I played by myself in a pen. Now I'm big! I can play with lots of friends in the park,' explains Baby. 'When I was a baby Mommy pushed me in a stroller. Now I'm big! I can ride my own bike and I walk with Mommy, but I always hold her hand.'

The biggest change of all, though, is that 'Now that I'm big! I sleep by myself in my own bed and now I have a new baby sister!' And with that change guess who helps the new arrival put on her booties, wash her face and drink from a bottle? Of course, it is the BIG GIRL who is featured in this book!

Not only will this book appeal to younger children who are able to do more things for themselves but it is also ideal for families where another youngster is on the way.

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