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The Water Witch: Fairwick Chronicles    by Juliet Dark order for
Water Witch
by Juliet Dark
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2013 (2013)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The Water Witch follows The Demon Lover as the second in Juliet Dark's enchanting (and sexy) Fairwick Chronicles. Juliet Dark is a pen name for Carol Goodman, acclaimed author of Arcadia Falls.

In the first book, orphaned Callie McFay completed her Ph.D. on The Demon Lover in Gothic Literature and accepted a teaching position at Fairwick College, three hours from New York. There she purchased a five-bedroom Victorian, Honeysuckle House, where she experienced erotic dreams of extraordinary sex, just as the previous owner did.

After local witches showed Callie how to work a spell to banish her incubus, Liam, they revealed that she is a rare doorkeeper to the world of Faerie. As that first episode ended, Callie had exiled Liam 'to the Borderlands and condemned him to an eternity underwater.' And her unloving grandmother enlisted her in the Grove (an ancient institution of witches) and traded her badly needed help for Callie's agreement to spy on Fairwick.

Now, as The Water Witch opens, the college dean (a witch), Diana Hart (a deer-fairy) and Soheila Lilly (a succubus) ask for Callie's help to open the door and send young undines back to Faerie before they die. She succeeds but must enter the Borderlands to do so. There, she frees Liam and makes a new enemy, ancient undine Lorelei, who follows her back through the door.

After Lorelei's enmity causes storms and a leaking roof, Handyman Bill shows up and always seems to be around when needed. And Callie's magical friends decide she needs a tutor to develop and control her magic. They hire a sexy Scottish wizard, Duncan Laird, who teaches her to shapeshift. She finds him attractive and wonders if he could possibly be her incubus, returned to her.

In the meantime, Grove members are working hard to close the door to Faerie forever, and the presence of the dangerous undine locally supports their cause. Though Callie has a plan to keep the door open, a Nephilim's intervenes. Is all hope lost? You'll just have to read the book to find out - and don't miss the preview of the next episode of this rich, entrancing series at the back.

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