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I Ate the Sheriff: Mallory Caine, Zombie at Law    by K. Bennett order for
I Ate the Sheriff
by K. Bennett
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2012 (2012)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

If you can handle bizarre characters and a totally off-the-wall plot, this novel may be a nice change of pace from your usual literary fare. As the title indicates, the heroine of the odd series is a drop-dead gorgeous Los Angeles attorney who also just happens to be a zombie.

Mallory has a lot on her plate in this latest installment of the series. First, she's the prime suspect in the murder of a Los Angeles County sheriff who was killed and then devoured on Mulholland Drive. Since she has been working on suppressing her undead desires in a 12-step zombie recovery group, I think we can assume Mallory didn't nibble on the cop. But she's going to have to convince the jury that she can control her appetites.

Werewolf Steve 'Rawhide' Ravener (Mallory's latest client) also has a pack of problems which he hopes she can solve. Steve's spouse has run off with a rival pack and he needs a good lawyer, whose bite is worse than his bark, to help him obtain visiting rights if not outright custody of his cubs.

Oh, yes, there's also a small problem involving a snake goddess charming Mallory's mother and she'll need to deal with this family situation as well. Plus, if this isn't enough to grapple with, the Devil's son has made Mallory a proposal she may well find very hard to refuse.

Sound totally crazy? It is, but that's what makes I Ate the Sheriff such an engaging read. If your friends see you reading this novel, though, be prepared for comments like 'You can't be serious?', and you'll probably have to spend time trying to explain the title!

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