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Stay Close to Mama    by Toni Buzzeo & Mike Wohnoutka order for
Stay Close to Mama
by Toni Buzzeo
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Sometimes it can be a challenge convincing a youngster that it is not a good idea to go off exploring on his or her own. That's the dilemma facing the mother giraffe in this adorable picture book for children two years of age and older.

Twiga (that's Swahili for giraffe) lives on the African plain with his mother. The little giraffe is very curious about his new home and loves to explore.

'No, little Twiga. Stay close, stay safe,' says his mother, but he doesn't listen. Off he goes to see what other critters live in the surrounding area. As you page through the book you'll see Twiga's encounters with a hyena, some stinging ants that crawl off a tree limb and onto his nose, and a crocodile who eyes the little giraffe when the youngster stands on the bank of a stream.

Twiga also nearly has a brush with a leopard concealed up in a tree before he realizes that perhaps he should heed his mother's admonition and stay close to her.

If your little giraffe likes to wander away when you are out and about, perhaps this would be the ideal story to convince the youngster that caution should trump curiosity in most situations.

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