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Silver    by Rhiannon Held order for
by Rhiannon Held
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Rhiannon Held's Silver is yet another werewolf urban fantasy, but this one incorporates both mystery and romance into its storyline. Werewolf Andrew Dare has a dark history - his marriage into a Spanish pack ended badly. His wife was killed, setting Dare on a murderous rampage that ended up with his exile from Europe and separation from his daughter.

Now Dare is the enforcer for the strong Roanoke pack, responsible for handling intruders. Though he's stronger than his pack alpha, Dare has never challenged Rory, preferring to remain alone with only loose ties to the pack. In this world, werewolves keep a low profile, hiding their existence from humans. The packs in North America respect each other's territory and the alphas communicate only casually.

Dare is doing his job, tracking a lone intruder, but there's something very wrong. When he catches up with the beautiful Were who calls herself Silver, he finds a crazed and broken young woman, her words garbled and nonsensical. She claims to have lost her wild self. She can no longer shift and speaks to an invisible Were companion, Death. When Dare catches up with her, she tells him, 'The monster chases me, and I run. Death follows to take me'.

Dare is horrified to discover that someone has injected the young woman with silver - how did she survive and what other horrors has she endured? He seeks answers in the Western packs, and finds the Seattle pack where she was born. But as his investigation starts to come up with answers, the monster who has been following Silver closes in on both of them.

Silver is a unique debut in the werewolf fantasy sub-genre, a gripping mix of mystery and mysticism, along with a developing romance. I enjoyed it very much and hope for more from Rhiannon Held.

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