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Jane Vows Vengeance
by Michael Thomas Ford
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Jane Vows Vengeance follows Jane Bites Back and Jane Goes Batty as the third in Michael Thomas Ford's entertaining series starring a benignly fanged Jane Austen (she was turned by the seductive Lord Byron, who continues to take an interest in her doings). The villain of the series is the undead Charlotte Bronte, dubbed Our Gloomy Friend, who plots against Jane.

Now Jane calls herself Jane Fairfax and runs Flyleaf Books in upstate New York, helped by best friend Lucy (who knows she's a vampire and has fallen for a mutual friend, rabbi Ben Cohen). Jane recently published a new novel after 116 rejections over 200 years. She is engaged to marry house restorer Walter Fletcher, whose Jewish mother Miriam is a vampire hunter and knows what Jane is (Walter doesn't).

As Jane Vows Vengeance opens, Walter rescues Jane from the crossfire of wedding plans surrounding her with the proposal to elope to Europe - accompanied by a cortege of family and friends. They are to participate in a tour of historic houses. But all goes awry from the beginning. Their small London wedding (in the Chapel of St. Paul the Evangelist) is interrupted by Jane's husband (from a brief marriage two hundred years before!)

The European romp continues in this vein, as Jane tries to have her previous marriage annulled; suffers angst over whether or not - and how - to tell Walter of her undead state; and learns of Crispin's Needle, which might allow her to change back to a mortal (or might kill her permanently). Of course she begins to investigate, as well as look into a murder of a member of the tour group.

Readers learn a bit more of Jane's back story - and wartime activities - in Jane Vows Vengeance, as well as a surprise in Walter's ancestry. Jane acquire the Needle. She and Walter marry, and even have a child. But the episode ends with key questions unanswered, leaving fans anxious for more of Jane's zany life.

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