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A Friend for Einstein: The Smallest Stallion    by Charlie Cantrell & Rachel Wagner order for
Friend for Einstein
by Charlie Cantrell
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Based on a real situation, this picture book for children three years of age and up tells the story of a very small horse born to two miniature horses. Weighing less than a cat when he was born, Einsteinès hooves were the size of quarters.

Because he was so small Einstein just wasnèt big enough to play with the other miniature horses. As you see in this book, illustrated with actual color photos of the little colt, he snuggled up with toy, stuffed horses which were as large or larger than he was. When he tried to befriend some kittens, two geese, an indifferent turtle and a small rabbit, nothing positive came from the encounter.

'The animals he'd met were either too silly, too stuck up, too slow, or too shy.' Poor Einstein! He just couldn't seem to find a friend. 'Maybe little stallions were just meant to be lonesome.'

Then, fortunately, this little horse met Lilly! 'An odd-looking creature was poking through the fence. It was a dog with a snub nose, wrinkly eyes, and a head as big as the moon. She didn't have much of a tail, but what she did have was wiggling.'

It was love at first sight. 'SLURPPP!' Lilly licked Einstein on his nose and an immediate friendship was formed. 'The little horse with a big heart had finally found his friend.'

It's a lovely picture book; not only will children find this a touching story about friendship, but it will touch many adults too. The authors will also donate some of the proceeds from the sale of this book to the ASPCA Equine Fund, so when you purchase the book you'll be helping out a good cause as well.

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