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The Ballad of Nessie    by Kieran Lachlan & Andy Harkness order for
Ballad of Nessie
by Kieran Lachlan
Order:  USA  Can
Disney, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This rhymed picture book explains how Nessie found a home in Scotland's famed Loch Ness. With her wee friend, a little duck named MacQuack, shy Nessie lived happily on the Highland moors of Glen Keane.

Then one day along came the tycoon MacFroogle and his tartan-clad crew. 'once there were moors, MacFroogle poked tees, and eighteen mini holes where there were trees.' The new golf course was a disaster for Nessie and MacQuack. Upset with this turn of events, the two friends set off to find a new, tranquil home.

'She first took the high road and then took the low. For a new place to nest, she searched to and fro. But every pond was empty; every well was dry; every trough was spoken for ... yet still she had to try'.

Alas, eventually unable to find anything, Nessie became so despondent and discouraged that she began to cry, and cry, and cry. 'What began as a trickle soon turned to a shower. Nessie cried and she cried - she cried by the hour. She cried cups and pitchers, bottles and buckets. She cried tubs and barrels, quintets and quintuplets.'

This went on for weeks and when the tears were all spent, Nessie was surprised to see her tears had filled a valley and created a loch. This, of course, became the legendary Loch Ness and offered a place for the cute little monster and her friend to stay for ages to come.

There's also a moral to this humorous ballad; 'Dinna be afraid to cry; it really is okay! Sometimes it's through our tears that we find a better way.'

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