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Zeke Meeks vs. The Putrid Puppet Pals    by D. L. Green order for
Zeke Meeks vs. The Putrid Puppet Pals
by D. L. Green
Order:  USA  Can
Capstone, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

When Puppet Pals become the rage of his elementary school, Zeke feels left out. He can't get anyone to play basketball with him at recess because everyone is playing with their puppet pals.

Even though he doesn't really like Puppet Pals, he knows he'll have to get some if he wants to join in at recess. His mother won't buy them, but she suggests he earn the money by sweeping out the basement. She'll pay him enough so that he can buy them himself. Zeke is afraid of the monsters and bugs living in the basement, but eventually he agrees. He doesn't run across any monsters down there but the number of bugs sends him running back upstairs.

Zeke learns about fads and how they race through school, only to be replaced with some other fad quicker than you think.

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