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The Busy Beaver    by Nicholas Oldland order for
Busy Beaver
by Nicholas Oldland
Order:  USA  Can
Kids Can, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

The beaver spends all day, every day, building dams. He is a hard worker, but he's careless. He's too busy to notice that his dams leak, that he took down too many trees, or that his half-chewed trees can be seen all along the lake.

Things were getting so bad that he felled a tree right on top of his friend the bear. Later he chews the moose's leg, thinking it's a tree. Finally, the tree he is chewing falls and lands on him. He spends days in the hospital recovering from is injuries.

When he is well enough he looks out the hospital window, and for the first time, he notices what his carelessness is doing to the forest and the animals who live there.

Oldland teaches a lesson about conservation without ever mentioning the word. Even though the beaver is distracted and careless, he is still a sympathetic character and when he gets out of the hospital he works at fixing all the problems his carelessness caused.

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