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Overbite    by Meg Cabot order for
by Meg Cabot
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William Morrow, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Overbite follows Insatiable as the second in Meg Cabot's lighthearted vampire series, starring Meena Harper, who has always been able to predict how people will die. The first episode introduced her to Lucien Anton­escu, who appeared to be the man of her dreams ... that is until she learned he was the son of Dracula and the Prince of Darkness!

Next she met Alaric Wulf of the Vatican's demon-hunting Palatine Guard, and was recruited into a new branch of the organization formed in Lower Manhattan. Complicating Meena's life and job is the fact that Alaric and the organization they both work for are determined to destroy Lucien! Meena's new mission in life is to prove to the world (and especially to her bosses) that there's still good in Lucien.

As Overbite opens, Meena's get-together with her ex (David the dentist who ended up marrying another) does not end well when she's forced to stake him (with Lucien's help) after discovering he'd been turned. And Lucien is being changed by the proximity of his new lair to the Devil's Water - what is happening to him? His cousin Emil and Emil's wife Mary Lou are concerned about him.

Father Henrique Mauricio shows up in town, empowered by the Vatican to set a trap for Lucien - with a book that his angelic mother once owned, and also Meena, as bait. Tourists are disappearing by the truckload. And 'a new and different clan may be moving in to the Dracul's former North American territory.' Even Meena's brother Jon gets in on the action, along with his new invention, a SuperStaker.

Of course, nothing is as it seems and, of course, everything works out in the end as the plot - and love triangle - evolve in Meg Cabot's usual frothy and engaging style. If you like your vampire stories on the light side, you won't go wrong with Insatiable and Overbite.

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