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Marco Polo: History's Greatest Adventurer    by Clint Twist order for
Marco Polo
by Clint Twist
Order:  USA  Can
Templar, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Marco Polo will be your guide as you travel the Silk Road, meet Kublai Khan and discover the riches of China in this activity book that features booklets, foldouts, maps and actual excerpts from the explorer's travels from 1270 to 1295.

As you page through this lavishly illustrated volume you'll discover information about Marco Polo's family, his early years and a map that shows the extent of the Mongol empire, Next you'll follow Marco from Jerusalem to Hormuz, then across Persia and Afghanistan, and up and over the Pamir Mountains. The next great obstacle is the crossing of the Gobi Desert before the intrepid traveler meets Kublai Khan at his summer palace in Xanadu (Shang-du).

Gaining the Khan's trust, Marco and the rest of his group were invited to join the great leader's entourage as he completed his conquest of China. During his 17 year stay in China, Polo learned the language, traveled widely and collected knowledge and treasures that he eventually brought home.

This epic journey inspired others to explore other parts of the globe and made Marco Polo's name synonymous with high adventure and the opening of Asia.

This interactive book will offer an introduction to The Travels of Marco Polo and will give readers ten years of age and up an excellent overview of the explorer's life and accomplishments.

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