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Dark Swan: Storm Born Volume 1    by Richelle Mead, Grant Alter & Dave Hamann order for
Dark Swan
by Richelle Mead
Order:  USA  Can
Sea Lion, 2011 (2011)

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* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

An interesting trend can be seen in comic book stores across the country paranormal books largely aimed at women are being turned into comic books aimed at women. Sea Lion Books is the latest to jump on the band wagon, although they are branching out to more than just women's paranormal. However, their first comic to hit stores, Richelle Mead's Dark Swan: Storm Born, fits into this category.

As this is only the first issue of a comic book series, new readers are introduced to freelance shaman Eugenie Markham as she fights an ancient death spirit. More of her story is doled out, but it is not as wordy as some novels-turned-graphic tend to be. The real story starts about halfway in as Eugenie is hired to find a young man's missing sister whom he believes was taken by fairies. In an effort to get her mind off the case, she goes to a bar where she meets a handsome man. But in the middle of a possible one-night stand, things start to get interesting ... which is right were issue 1 leaves off.

Dave Hamann's artwork is clear and concise and fits in with other comic books of the same genre very well. Richelle Mead and Grant Alter did a commendable job turning Mead's story into a comic book without putting in too much exposition (although there is still more than in a typical non-adapted comic, as a visual story can show very easy without too much telling). The one thing that a graphic format allows for and that was missing was more action and splash panels for fight scenes. The one fight we do see is pretty much covered up by exposition boxes. This issue ends with the possibility of a fight coming on, so hopefully issue 2 will take advantage of the graphic format a little more.

Dark Swan: Storm Born is a good addition to the line of paranormal comic books aimed at women. Looking at Sea Lion Books' other titles in the works, it seems like they will be a strong force in a growing market.

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