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When Martha's Away    by Bruce Ingman order for
When Martha's Away
by Bruce Ingman
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2010 (1995)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'When you go off to school you think I just sleep all day. WELL, BOY, HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU!' I may just be the family cat but, as you'll see as you read this picture book, there's a lot more to my day than just munching on kitty treats and catnapping. A lot more!

Once you close the door I grab the newspaper to catch up on the latest events. Then it is time for a little weight training. I've got to stay fit so the dog next door can't catch me.

Later in the morning Gladys, that's the cat from apartment #34, drops by and poses while I capture her essence on canvas. You didn't know that I could paint, did you?

Afterwards it is time to whip up a little lunch. Some salmon washed down with a cool saucer of milk usually hits the spot. While I eat I usually catch a few of my favorite cartoons on TV.

Next I grab the phone and give my cousin Albert a quick call to catch up on the latest family gossip. Now it is time for a little snooze. When I wake up I still have most of the afternoon left to amuse myself. I'm going to let you read this cool picture book to see how I spend the rest of the day, but you'll be surprised when you see what I do after lunch!

First issued in 1995, my book was so popular that the book people decided it was time to reissue it so an entire new generation of young readers would rediscover what a clever and busy little kitty I am. After you finish my story you'll know what cats like me do all day. Surprise!

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