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Pick a Pup    by Marsha Wilson Chall & Jed Henry order for
Pick a Pup
by Marsha Wilson Chall
Order:  USA  Can
Margaret K. McElderry, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Do you want to help me pick a pup? My Grannie said that today we can go to the pet shelter to get a dog. I'm not sure what kind of a dog I want but my Grannie said that I'll know once we get there. I hope so.

Along the way to the shelter we see a lot of different dogs. One lady has a 'likes-to-take-a-nap dog, hardly-makes-a-peep, mostly-sound-asleep dog'. Then further along the way we see my friend David and his 'always-wakes-you-up pup, dances-for-a-bone pup, hates-to-play-alone pup.'

We also see pups that like to chew on things, a shaggy sheep dog and even a lick and kissy pup. There are so many choices. What will we do? At the shelter there are a whole lot of little puppies and they all want me to take them home. This will be an impossible choice!

Then something really special happens and suddenly I have my puppy. To see what that special something is you'll have to read my picture book. I think you'll like the book, though, because it has lots of pictures of puppies and a really neat rhyming text. I know that you'll have fun either reading it out loud yourself or listening to someone reading it to you!

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