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Monsters Eat Whiny Children    by Bruce Eric Kaplan order for
Monsters Eat Whiny Children
by Bruce Eric Kaplan
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2010 (2010)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Henry and Eve are whiners. That's all they seem to do. 'I want to go outside,' whines Henry. 'No grill cheese!' whines his sister. Day after day the whining continues until finally their father warns them that monsters eat whiny children. Of course, Henry and Eve do not believe him.

Then, one day, guess what? Yup, a monster comes and takes them away. The monster takes the brother and sister back to his lair where he intends to make and eat a whiny-child salad. 'I don't like sitting on lettuce,' Henry whines. And his sister chips in, 'No wooden bowl!'

At this point this potentially scary story gets rather silly. The monster's wife doesn't like the salad dressing he is preparing for his salad. Then a neighbor pops in and suggests they make whiny-child burgers instead. But that means they have to clean the grill. And so it goes ...

While the persnickety monsters debate how to prepare the two whiny children (a cake, an Indian dish, whiny-child cucumber sandwich?), they manage to escape from the household.

Ending the story on a happy note, we see Henry and Eve never whine again and the author provides the recipe for a cucumber sandwich (sans children)!

At first glance this cautionary tale may seem to be a little too gruesome for your youngster but, if you co-inhabit with a whiny little monster, you'll realize this is a humorous way of getting the point across that whining can be extremely annoying. Bruce Kaplan has fun with his topic and, quite frankly, his illustrations are so innocuous they won't give any child nightmares.

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