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Balancing Act    by Ellen Stoll Walsh order for
Balancing Act
by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Order:  USA  Can
Beach Lane, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Two little mice are having fun playing on a teeter-totter. With one mouse on each side, they can rock back and forth. Ta-da! What fun! Then a red salamander wants to play too, but that won't work. But when a second salamander comes along, everything balances again.

Oh-oh! Now a frog jumps onto the teeter-totter! Down goes one side and up flies the other! Whoa! This isn't right! At least it is not right until a second frog appears and joins the game. Ah, we are balanced again!

Oh my, a big blue bird has landed on the teeter-totter. Now what? All the little critters move to the other side facing the bird and, yup, it works! Well, not really! The teeter-totter suddenly snaps into two pieces. Too much weight I guess!

Oh dear. I guess everyone has to find something else to do. That is, everyone but the two mice. Ta-da! The broken pieces are just big enough to make a very little teeter-totter! How cool!

Preschoolers two years of age and older will love this clever story with its vibrant colored critters and simple theme about the importance of maintaining balance in your balance.

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