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Snowbots    by Aaron Reynolds & David Barneda order for
by Aaron Reynolds
Order:  USA  Can
Knopf, 2010 (2010)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

It's the fervent wish of many a school child: that there be enough snow to cancel school, and to spend the day playing outside.

The children in this book are no different in their wish, other than the fact that they are a group of robots. But robots can have fun in the snow, too! After a hearty breakfast of cereal with gasoline, the robots go outside and are overjoyed to find their world blanketed in snow. Clanking and squeaking all the way, the snowbots have a blast playing outside in the blizzard, forgetting all about their remote controls, making robot angels with their wing nuts and having snowball fights.

The fun is enhanced by the singsong verse that narrates the adventure:

'Second grader Chip McSqueak,
First to clank up Scrapyard Peak,
Trash-can lid clutched in his fist,
Launches down into the mist.

The illustrations are adorable. What could be cuter than robot children frozen in blocks of ice after their batteries are shorted?

'Robot kids? Refrigerated.
Robot parents? ACTIVATED!
Metallic moms and dads of chrome
Tow their little robots home.

An oil bath, a recharging, and some cocoa spiked with axle grease soothes the frozen kids, who lie in their beds, wishing for another snow day. Snowbots is a light romp that is sure to entertain the elementary school set.

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