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Horace and Morris Say Cheese: (Which Makes Dolores Sneeze!)    by James Howe & Amy Walrod order for
Horace and Morris Say Cheese
by James Howe
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Cheese. This is a picture book all about cheese. I really, really love cheese. In fact, if I could eat only one kind of food it would be ... you guessed it ... cheese!

Horace and Morris also love cheese, but not as much as I do. Swiss or string cheese, Muenster or feta, cheddar or parmigiano it's all the same to me. Cheese is cheese and I LOVE IT!

Everyone said that Dolores (that's me) never met a cheese she didn't love. You can imagine my reaction when I came down with, of all things, an allergy to cheese. I began sneezing and I broke out in spots. Of course, the doctor said, 'That's it Dolores. No more cheese for you!'

Eventually I got used to my no cheese diet. My mom made all sorts of special cookies for me and I didn't feel so bad. But then disaster struck. I saw a sign announcing the 1st Annual Everything Cheese Festival. I freaked out, so I raided the fridge and pigged out on cheese.

So what happened? The spots and sneezing came back! Ugh. What am I going to do on the day of the festival? Hide in the closet? Lock myself in the bathroom? Stay in bed all day? Nope!

Enough of this nonsense, I thought. With my mom's help I came up with a clever solution to my problem. Of course, you'll have to read my book to see what it was. But, let me assure you there is life after cheese! So if you have a food allergy you'll want to see what I did because it may give you a few good ideas too!

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