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A Clan in Need: Warriors - Ravenpaw's Path #2    by Erin Hunter, Dan Jolley & James Barry order for
Clan in Need
by Erin Hunter
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2010 (2010)

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* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

This graphic novel for children nine years of age and up continues the Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path saga. Ravenpaw and Barley have been driven away from their farm by a group of vicious cats.

The two felines must now return to ThunderClan, which is led by Ravenpaw's friend Firestar. Not only are the two loners accepted but Firestar promises to help them take back their home.

Unfortunately, ThunderClan also faces a serious problem with interlopers. BloodClan cats have been raiding ThunderClan's territory and attacking Clan patrols. It's a messy situation and one that Ravenpaw and Barley will have to help deal with before they can ever hope to regain their home.

'It would be too easy to write about cats who leaped into battle at the first sign of trouble; what is more interesting to me is to watch how cats who don't want to fight are persuaded to change their minds,' writes Erin Hunter. Barley becomes a hero in this book; I think of it as my way of celebrating the cats (or people) who choose to walk alone, but still have the courage to take on the shadows from their past.

Extremely popular with middle school and older readers, this series that features cats has not only a number of titles but also websites where Warriors games can be played and message boards facilitate communication among the cats' fans.

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