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Love Bites: Vampyres of Hollywood    by Adrienne Barbeau order for
Love Bites
by Adrienne Barbeau
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Hollywood's former real life Scream Queen has created a delightfully wicked and entertaining follow-up to last year's Vampyres of Hollywood. In Love Bites, Barbeau recasts fictional scream queen Ovsanna Moore in another slick and adventure filled role as she battles a new enemy.

Since the unfortunate demise of her business partner, Ovsanna is hastily trying to put the finishing touches on a mega-merger with some very wealthy overseas business partners. The eventual deal will catapult her and her studio to the top of the Tinseltown heap and finally give her the opportunity to produce and distribute A list films rather than the schlockey productions she'd cut her acting and directing teeth on. But before the ink is even dry, a new enemy sends a werewolf minion to Ovsanna's home to challenge her position as Hollywood's Chatelaine.

This latest attack against her position as the city's top vampire naturally puts a real crimp into her newly minted romance with LA detective Peter King, who's only just discovered that his new lady love is a real live vampire. As the attacks against Ovsanna escalate, however, it becomes clear that she is not the only target - someone wants Peter out of the bigger picture as well. Now it's up to him - and a large cast of Ovsanna's friends that includes deceased stars like Orson Wells, Charlie Chaplin, Tyrone Power and yes, even Mary Pickford - to help Ovsanna and put an end to the supernatural beasts who want to permanently end her reign as Hollywood's most famous scream queen.

Love Bites is a darkly funny, fast-paced, and cleverly conceived tale. Barbeau's sly pokes at Hollywood and its celebrities (past, present and supernatural) put a unique spin on the proceedings. As for Ovsanna, her characterization lights up the pages as she alternately fights creatures of the night and romances Peter. Throw in hilarious scenes that showcase various Hollywood icons as they try convincing Ovsanna that they're ready for a glorious comeback and you’ve got a story that you can definitely sink your incisors into.

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