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Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch    by Mary Peterson & Jennifer Rofé order for
Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch
by Mary Peterson
Order:  USA  Can
Charlesbridge, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Perhaps we should not have left our mother sleeping in the pumpkin patch one afternoon, but we were so bored that my piggy sibling and I decided to do a little exploring around the farm.

In the wink of an eye we were off on our grand adventure. After dashing through the farmer's bean garden chasing some rabbits, we hid behind snoring, sleepy sheep that were out in the pasture. Then we rolled around in some nice smelling clover.

Goodness, this was really fun! But it got even better when we saw some squirrels and decided to chase them around the field. But that wasn't half as fun as teasing the tabby cats we saw.

Going around the barnyard we saw some really cool mud in the bull's pen. Of course, we couldn't resist slopping around in that gushy, mushy brown stuff, but, unfortunately, the bull didn't want to share his pen.

I figured we better leave when the big bull came stomping in our direction. Crash! Dash! Off we went to find some place where we would be welcome. But it sure wasn't down by the river with the shrieking geese or under a tree with a bee hive in it!

Eventually we returned to where our mom was taking a snooze. She never even knew we were gone and we were so tired we joined her in a little nap.

Such was our tour of the farm and I think you'll probably like following us on this little outing. If I say so myself, the pictures of us getting into trouble are really adorable and this is a really good, read aloud story that features prepositions of direction, rhyme and assonance. If you don't know what all that means, don't worry, your mom or dad knows what that stuff is!

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