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Air Show!    by Treat Williams & Robert Neubecker order for
Air Show!
by Treat Williams
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Air Shows are really a lot of fun as you will see when you accompany my brother and me on a trip to an event we attended with my father.

I was especially excited because my dad and his friend were going to get us to the show in a twin engine airplane. So, after we gassed the plane up and climbed on board, it was 'Full power! Airspeed's alive! Ninety-five knots ... and liftoff!'

Roaring along, we made good time and soon landed at the airport where the show was being held. I couldn't believe all the airplanes we saw parked on the tarmac. There were so many I lost count.

Suddenly I heard a big roar and I looked up. Overhead, the Blue Angels flew over in a display of precision flying. I could not believe how close they flew to one another. It was really exciting to watch them.

However, what I really wanted to do was see the stunt plane and talk to the woman who flew it. I think my dad must have talked to her because the pilot said, 'You're coming with me.' She took me over to her little red biplane and strapped me into the back seat.

Off we went then and buzzed down the runway. Soon we were high in the air and then, believe it or not, the woman flew the plane upside down. Thank goodness I was firmly tied in. The airplane had a open air cockpit and I could have fallen out!

Wow! That was really exciting and a little scary too. But I enjoyed my special ride so much that some day I want to be a stunt pilot like that nice lady. If you like airplanes I think you'll love this book about all the cool stuff we saw at the air show we went to. The pictures are really neat and you'll see what fun it is to fly in an airplane.

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