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Peter Kent's City Across Time    by Peter Kent order for
Peter Kent's City Across Time
by Peter Kent
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

For this engrossing picture book, Peter Kent has created detailed, full page cross sections to show how the city has evolved from the Stone and Iron Ages through medieval times and the 18th century up to modern times.

Whether it is the ancient catacombs of Roman times or a 20th century metropolis, you'll see how many cities were built on the ruins of former ones. The cut-away illustrations not only give the reader a peek inside buildings but also show what's happening underneath them.

It may be a sewer system, maze of tunnels, underground parking area, or subway line, but there's plenty happening below street level too. You'll also notice that streets keep rising as one city is constructed on the ruins of another.

Pay close attention to what's happening in the structures because the author's sense of humor comes through in some of the activities he has people engaging in.

Along with each of the two page cross-sections, which cover 17 time periods and/or underground constructions like a mine, underground railroad, or secret bunker, you'll find information about a variety of things, from plague pits where the dead were buried to why steam locomotives weren't very useful in subway systems.

Both children (seven years of age and up) and adults will find this a very engaging volume. There's so much detail that it will take multiple viewings to take everything in. Peter Kent's painstaking illustrations are amazing!

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