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Hide and Seek in the Jungle    by Sean Callery & Rebecca Robinson order for
Hide and Seek in the Jungle
by Sean Callery
Order:  USA  Can
Kingfisher, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

'I walk on all fours. I can hold things with my hands and feet. Here is my baby.' Perhaps you'll be able to guess what type of jungle animal I am given these clues. But if you can't figure it out, then look through the peephole that gives you a glimpse of my baby's face. If that doesn't help, then just lift the giant flap on the first two page spread of this book and you'll see that I am a gorilla.

On the pages that follow you'll discover other creatures hidden in the lush, green foliage. One has stripes and sharp claws, another features tough and scaly skin, and a third uses his beak to smash open shells. If the written clues won't help you name us, check out the visual hints. Then turn back the big flaps and see if you guessed right!

Since we all live in the jungle, the author also includes at the end of this book some pictures of other creatures like a spider, orangutan, snake, and gecko who enjoy hanging out with us.

Part of the Hide and Seek series of board books for children one year of age and up, this is a fun way of learning the names of some of the animals you might well encounter on a day at the zoo. This also would be the ideal way of preparing a youngster for such a family outing.

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