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Howling Legion: Skinners, Book 2    by Marcus Pelegrimas order for
Howling Legion
by Marcus Pelegrimas
Order:  USA  Can
Eos, 2009 (2009)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Cole Warnecki is still getting used to his new job description as a Skinner, one of a secret society of warriors who work for the Midwestern Ectological Group and are entrusted to keep supernatural creatures intent on overtaking large cities under control.

After having barely survived a confrontation with a crazed vampire named Misonyk, Cole hopes for a little down time to continue his gruelling training with mentor Paige Strobel. He also hopes to reach out to his former game designer partners and ensure them that he's still in the game, so to speak. But when a full blood werewolf begins creating his own half blood army to take down the Nymar's (vampires) whose control over Kansas city has weakened drastically since the demise of their leader Misonyk, all hell breaks loose as Cole and Paige are lured into a bloody showdown they might not survive.

While this second Skinner foray does just fine as a standalone, some readers might want to pick up a copy of Pelegrimas' debut novel, Blood Blade to get the full skinny on how gaming geek Cole is initiated into his new line of work - as well as getting more background information on Nymars, Full Bloods, Half-Bloods, Mongrels and all the other creatures that haunt the pages of this intriguing new series.

Pelegrimas has a real knack for dark and descriptive exposition and great pacing. He does a commendable job expanding on the supernatural world he's created by introducing an additional array of 'foul creatures of the night who lust for your blood' - enough of them to keep Cole and Paige up to their armpits in monsters for at least a few more instalments. Howling Legion is an entertaining and action packed story and the Skinners concept a fresh addition to the dark urban horror genre.

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