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You Are The First Kid On Mars    by Patrick O'Brien order for
You Are The First Kid On Mars
by Patrick O'Brien
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

You are the First Kid on Mars is the first of Patrick O'Brien's many books that is set in the future. The author tells us, 'This book will tell you what would happen, and what you would do, if you were the first kid on Mars.'

The young boy of the story (who appears to be about six years old) leaves Earth by a space elevator that takes him all the way to the space station, where a group of scientists and astronauts live. Next, he boards a rocket to Mars and gets settled in the Mars habitat, his new home where he'll stay for the next couple of months. He learns what the astronauts and scientists do there, and what they are hoping to find in the rocks and dirt of the red planet. After six months, it's time to head back to Earth. Wow! What an adventure it has been!

O'Brien is both author and illustrator of this intriguing book. The highly detailed drawings and countless facts prove the author did his homework. Some of the illustrations have an ethereal feel to them, lending verisimilitude to the idea of being in space. You Are The First Kid On Mars walks the reader through each step of this extraordinary journey like a tour guide pointing out the unique features of his town. The writing is enticing, and the spirit of the book will capture eager young readers.

For any kid who has ever asked, 'I wonder what Mars is like,' You Are The First Kid On Mars will make it real. Get this book for your young space dreamer.

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