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Blood Lite    by Kelley Armstrong & et al order for
Blood Lite
by Kelley Armstrong
Order:  USA  Can
Pocket, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

A tale of a necromancer, The Ungrateful Dead, written by Kelley Armstrong gets this anthology of gruesome but hilarious stories off to a wonderful start. Jaime Vegas has a gift. She sees dead people and they see her. Ghosts usually want to talk to her and have her solve problems that they can't take care of from the other side. Helping dead people is the job of the necromancer, but Jaime can't help everyone and she has no desire to help the pushy frat boy who refuses to stop invading her space.

Elvis takes the opportunity to explain his last years of life in Elvis Presley and the Bloodsucker Blues. Everything that seemed so strange about the King of Rock and Roll makes sense when you realize he is a vampire. Matt Venne writes this quirky tale that has Presley angling for a recognition as a super hero. NASCAR has a lot of rules, but there is no rule that says a dead man can't drive. In Dead Hand, Sharyn McCrumb shows the lengths NASCAR teams will go to just to stay in the race.

Charlaine Harris, who writes the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novels, works to combat global warming in An Evening With Al Gore. She invites some of America's biggest polluters to a fundraising party. If she can't persuade her guests to come across with a huge contribution and repent, there are other ways to keep the world safe from their excesses. Blood Lite will keep you laughing, but think twice before reading it at bedtime.

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