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* * * Paul Raffaele Among the Cannibals: Adventures on the Trail of Manís Darkest Ritual US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Collins, 2008 (2008) Hardcover, e-Book
Recounts journeys around the world in search of those who eat human flesh in the 21st century - those 'who are not mentally twisted individuals, but well-adjusted and respected members of their communities'. (HW)

* * Raincoast Canadian Traveller's Diary: A Journal for Canadians Abroad US Orders
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Review Raincoast, 2005 (1993) Paperback
The 5th edition of a practical Canadian travel diary that can help organize even the most scattered traveller.

* * * Reader's Digest Great American Road Trips: Scenic Drives US Orders
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Review Readers Digest, 2021 (2021) Softcover
This is a travel guide with illustrated accounts of interesting road trips that can be taken in private cars in the United States. (RW)

* * * Reader's Digest Off the Beaten Path US Orders
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Review Readers Digest, 2009 (2009) Hardcover
Avoid the expected, choose one or more of these lesser known, lesser crowded, and more intriguing places in the US to make your vacation not just memorable, but remarkable. (DK)