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* * * Stephen Emond Winter Town US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Little, Brown & Co., 2011 (2011) Hardcover, e-Book
An honest YA contemporary that will appeal to both teen boys and girls. (RM)

* Minari Endou Maria Holic: Volume 1 US Orders
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Review TOKYOPOP, 2009 (2009) Paperback
A cross-dressing high school comedy manga that misses its mark. (RM)

* * * Sylvia Engdahl Enchantress from the Stars US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Firebird, 2003 (1970) Hardcover, Paperback, e-Book
Interactions between peoples at 3 levels of galactic civilization, the ethics of interference between cultures, forbidden love, and growing up, in an adventure story setting. (HW)

* * Sylvia Engdahl Journey Between Worlds US Orders
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Review Putnam, 2006 (1970) Hardcover
Melinda Ashley is about to graduate from high school, spend the summer with her dad, begin college in the fall, and then get married - a trip to Mars doesn't enter into her plans! (AH)