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* * * William H. Patterson, Jr. Robert A. Heinlein: Volume 1 - Learning Curve 1907-1948 US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Tor, 2011 (2010) Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
This first of two volumes of authorized biography addresses Robert A. Heinlein's life and writing from 1907-1948, 'In Dialogue With His Century'. (HW)

* Ron Paul End the Fed US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Grand Central, 2010 (2009) Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
Presents the author's views on why the Federal Reserve should be abolished and the United States return to the gold standard. (BW)

* * Ray Paulick Sunday Silence: Racing's Hard Luck Hero US Orders
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Review Eclipse Press, 2009 (2002) Hardcover, Softcover
A Thoroughbred racing journalist recreates the ups and downs of a very remarkable horse, Sunday Silence, one of racing's hard luck heroes. (BW)

* * Miriam Pawel The Union of Their Dreams US Orders
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Review Bloomsbury, 2009 (2009) Hardcover
Adresses 'Power, Hope, and Struggle in Cesar Chavez's Farm Worker Movement', offering a fresh look at the farm labor organizer's rise to international acclaim, and at how the labor movement he guided faltered in the later years. (BW)