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* * * Kenneth Abel The Burying Field US Orders
Order Can
Review Signet, 2003 (2002) Paperback
Lawyer Danny Chaisson investigates an attack on an elderly black man by white boys at a historic slave cemetery, a burying field(HW)

* * * Keith Ablow Compulsion US Orders
Order Can
Review St. Martin's, 2003 (2002) Hardcover, Paperback, Audio
Psychiatrist Frank Clevenger returns to the world of crime to help an old friend solve the murder of an infant. (MS)

* * * Keith Ablow Psychopath US Orders
Order Can
Review St. Martin's, 2003 (2003) Hardcover, Audio, CD
Forensic Psychiatrist Frank Clevenger pits his skills against Highway Killer Jonah Wrens. (MS)

* * * Peter Abrahams Delusion US Orders
Order Can
Review William Morrow, 2008 (2008) Hardcover, e-Book
Twenty years ago Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her fiancÚ, Johnny Blanton. Now new evidence releases from prison the man who was convicted of the killing. (LS)

* * Peter Abrahams End of Story US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt William Morrow, 2006 (2006) Hardcover, e-Book
After Ivy Seidel is asked to teach a writing class at a maximum-security prison, a whole new and disturbing world opens up to her. (MS)