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* * * Ursula Archer Five US Orders
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Review Minotaur, 2016 (2014) Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
In Salzburg, Austria, Detective Inspector Beatrice Kaspary follows a geocaching trail (uncovering gruesome treasures) in search of a serial killer, who's always one step ahead of the police. (HW)

* * * Ursula Archer & Arno Strobel Strangers US Orders
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Review Minotaur, 2018 (2018) Hardcover, e-Book
What would you do if a man showed up in your home, claiming to live there and be your fiancÚ? (HW)

* * Anne Argula Krapp's Last Cassette US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Ballantine, 2009 (2009) Softcover, e-Book
In this 3rd in the series, Quinn is hired by a heavy-hitting Hollywood screenwriter to find a young, dying boy named Danny. (HW)

* * Anne Argula Walla Walla Suite: (A Room with No View) US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt Ballantine, 2007 (2007) Softcover
In this 2nd in a quirky new Seattle series, menopausal PI Quinn works for a mitigation investigator, while investigating the murder of a young woman. (HW)