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Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore The Proud Robot: The Complete Galloway Gallegher stories
Tim F. LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye, Countdown to the Earth's Last Days
Ward Larsen Cutting Edge
Keith Laumer & Ben Bova Dangerous Vegetables
Ursula K. Le Guin The Birthday of the World And Other Stories
Ursula K. Le Guin Changing Planes
Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice
Patrick Lee The Breach
Patrick Lee Deep Sky
Patrick Lee Ghost Country
Patrick Lee Runner
Patrick Lee Signal: A Sam Dryden Novel
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Agent of Change
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Balance of Trade: A Liaden Universe Novel
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Carpe Diem
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Conflict of Honors
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Local Custom
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Scout's Progress
Edan Lepucki California
Edward M. Lerner Countdown to Armageddon-A Stranger in Paradise: Wildside Double #2
Edward M. Lerner Fools' Experiments
Edward M. Lerner Small Miracles