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Lincoln Child Death Match
Lincoln Child Terminal Freeze
Lincoln Child Utopia
Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant Buchanan Gladiator: Wolf's Empire #1
Adam Christopher Made to Kill: L.A. Trilogy #1
Chris Claremont & Alan Davis On Ice: Uncanny X-Men - The New Age
Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter Firstborn: The Conclusion of A Time Odyssey
Arthur C. Clarke The Ghost from the Grand Banks and The Deep Range
Arthur C. Clarke & Frederick Pohl The Last Theorem
Arthur C. Clarke & Michael Kube-McDowell The Trigger
Ernest Cline Armada
Ernest Cline Ready Player One
Russ Cochran Weird Science Volume 1: The EC Archives
Allan Cole & Nick Perumov Lords of Terror
Josh Conviser Empyre
Richard Cox The God Particle
Jim Crace The Pesthouse
Dean Crawford Apocalypse
Dean Crawford Covenant
Michael Crichton The Andromeda Strain
Michael Crichton Next
Michael Crichton Prey
Michael Crichton State of Fear
Michael Crichton Timeline