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Collision    by Jeff Abbott order for
by Jeff Abbott
Order:  USA  Can
Dutton, 2008 (2008)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

While honeymooning in Hawaii, Emily Forsberg died because of what was ruled an accidental shooting when she was struck in the head by a stray bullet from 'some unknown idiot firing rounds at empty houses' several hundred yards away from Emily's hotel room. Now, two years later, the widower Ben Forsberg is trying to move ahead with his life.

As an employee of Hector Global - an international security and training contractor with resources in hot-spots and combat zones around the world - Ben is shocked to find himself the target of an investigation by an elite branch of Homeland Security. The investigation involves a notorious assassin with an international reputation who has killed someone in whom Homeland Security was very interested, but the assassin's second potential victim, known only as Pilgrim, has escaped and the assassin has instead been murdered; now - because of an uncomfortably growing amount of evidence against him, Ben is arrested and interrogated.

Meanwhile, Ben's boss, Sam Hector, learns about Ben's predicament and makes a decision that will very much affect Ben's already tenuous futures: 'But,' Hector retrospectively reasons, 'it was required. It was the only choice. It was a small sacrifice, for a very big gain - an incalculably huge gain - that was going to change everything.'

That decision, in combination with Homeland Security's and a few other covert agencies' involvement, means that Ben finds himself thrown head over heels into an extremely dangerous dilemma. Ironically, Ben soon discovers that he will have to trust the most unlikely people (and be extremely wary of others upon whom he thought he could rely) as he is on an irreversible collision course with betrayals, violence, murders, and a first hand education in the shockingly blurred line between honor and disgrace within the murky world of international security.

Faster than a speeding bullet (with more than a few hundred flying around within its pages) and more explosive than almost any other high-octane thriller in recent years, Jeff Abbott's Collision is an intricate, pulse-pounding page-turner of the first order. Don't miss it!

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