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Taro & Tomi: My Feline Son and Daughter    by Shizue Tomoda order for
Taro & Tomi
by Shizue Tomoda
Order:  USA  Can
BookSurge, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Author Tomoda dedicates her book to 'cat lovers of all ages in the world'. After reading her slim, heartfelt and engaging tribute to her two feline friends, Taro & Tomi, anyone who has a soft spot for animals will find themselves smiling or even shedding a tear or two.

This charming collection of essays begins as Tomoda is hurrying to a friend's house to adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat kitten. She explains how she had 'always wanted a furry cat around to cuddle', but due to her international civil service career and her meticulous landlord, adopting a kitten had been impossible. Now as a property owner, 'I was finally free to choose who to share my own little place with'.

Choosing Tomi becomes a life changing experience as mother and son share all the usual experiences from Tomi's acclimating to his new home to Tomoda having to deal with such things as litter training and an outbreak of fleas. Tomi has humorous adventures in toilets, balconies and gardens - and eventually there's the introduction of other cats into the household.

Tomoda's fully illustrated book is a delight to read and her subtle, flowing prose a lovely tribute to unforgettable cats whose singular personalities bring comfort, balance and often humour to their adoring human.

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