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Queen Geeks in Love    by Laura Preble order for
Queen Geeks in Love
by Laura Preble
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Queen Geeks in Love is the follow up to The Queen Geek Social Club where two Green Pines High freshmen - Shelby Chapelle and her friend Becca - begin a social club for girl geeks. Becca's idea is to 'find others of our own kind.'

After a successful freshmen year for both the club and the geeks, Becca has new plans for the social club, including getting their website up and running so it can be entered in a Comic-Con contest. She says they'll be doing it to get lots of exposure for the club, but after meeting Jon Connor, Shelby wonders if Becca has other motives. She definitely seems hung up on Jon, introducing him as an amazing artist. Jon is writing a graphic novel to enter in the Comic-Con contest for amateur comics. He'll be using the Geek Social Club as a basis for his novel, by turning its members into superheroes.

Shelby has her hands full keeping Becca sane about Jon, who seems to prefer Amber, another club member. Meanwhile, Shelby has her own problems with Fletcher. Going from being friends to dating is troublesome for Shelby. She gives it a good fight, but after a kiss or two, she gives in just so long as Fletcher realizes she's not going to change. And nothing will change the club or its members. The geeks take the reader on another fun ride in this sequel. Preble keeps things light which is what the geeks are all about.

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