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Raising Baby Green    by Alan Greene, Jeanette Pavini & Theresa Foy DiGeronimo order for
Raising Baby Green
by Alan Greene
Order:  USA  Can
John Wiley & Sons, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

I don't typically rhapsodize over books, but Raising Baby Green is unlike any parenting book I've seen or read - and as a mom of three, I've seen and read quite a few. The author, the message, and even the printed pages of the book are the real deal. To all you wannabes, parents-to-be, new parents, and friends looking for a shower gift, this is THE book to read - especially before buying any other baby products. (I was horrified at what I learned about typical crib mattress construction! See p. 106 of book.) Truly, this important book needs to be in the hands of every parent.

Doctor Alan Greene is a pediatrician, a father of four, and an environmentalist. He understands that 'sometimes we do things that are antigreen simply out of habit.' He's been guilty of that himself. In Raising Baby Green, Dr. Greene guides parents-to-be through planning a green delivery, as well as how to interview for a green pediatrician. Then he begins a thorough and systematic tour through each room of your home and your garden, pointing out health hazards ranging from genetically engineered food to the toxic chemicals in baby care products to toxic lawns - and the antidotes to these situations. You'll also be shocked at the environmental damage done to our planet due to the manufacture and disposal of non-green baby products.

In harmony with his message, Dr. Greene's book was printed with vegetable-based ink, on paper processed chlorine-free from 100 percent recycled post-consumer fiber, using biogas energy. This author and his publisher, Jossey-Bass/Wiley, have my respect and appreciation.

Unfortunately, Raising Baby Green was remiss in a couple of other areas. Although Dr. Greene highly praised breastfeeding, he backed away from discussing the formidable health and morbidity/mortality risks associated with formula feeding. Also, he failed to raise awareness of the true nature of immunizations, which arguably pose as great a threat to infants and children as GE foods, VOCs, and pesticides. Of course, everything won't fit in one book. Perhaps these issues are part of a future agenda for Dr. Greene. I hope so.

Doctor Greene invites readers who read Raising Baby Green to email him with their thoughts, new information, or ideas at Wow! A doctor who listens! And one well worth listening to as well.

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