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Mayan Key
by Keith Jones
Order:  USA  Can
Broadhead, 2007 (2007)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Mayan Key is Keith Jones' second in his series of mysteries involving ancient Mayan culture. The fascinating background material gives me extra insight into the forebears of my adopted granddaughter from El Salvador.

Russell Palmer, introduced to us in Mayan Equinox, continues his archeological work in the Yucatan Peninsula. He is striving to recover a valuable key, in order to extend time beyond December 27, 2012 - which the Mayans believed would be the end of the world. The key does not unlock a special door, but is probably a huge lump of gold moulded to represent the Mayan gods.

Action permeates almost every page. One races to become part of the story, but doesn't want it to end. The plot unfolds through various threads that come together at the end, tied in a neat little bow. The characters all have their own agenda Palmer's being to unearth a priceless artifact so that it can be placed in a museum for the world to see. Others have less altruistic plans for the treasure. Who will win is the question, and many die seeking their goals.

The novel would benefit from a more exacting proofread, not only for typos but English usage. But that is a minor concern in light of the substance of the story. The historical backdrop reveals a great knowledge of the Mayans and their time in history.

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