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No Time For Goodbye
by Linwood Barclay
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Fourteen-year-old Cynthia Bigge woke up one morning to discover her parents and brother had disappeared without a trace. No note. No clues. Both cars gone. No crime scene. She didn't know if they were dead or alive. Twenty-five years later this woman with a tormented past (who was raised by her Aunt Tess) is married to Terry Archer. He is a very loving, supportive husband, but feels Cynthia is over protective of their daughter Grace.

A local TV news show does a feature on the mysterious disappearance of the Bigges. After the show is aired, Cynthia feels that she is being stalked. She has noticed a car following her when she walks her daughter to school. At a shopping mall she sees a young man she is certain is her brother, now grown up. Her father's favourite hat shows up on her kitchen table, but the police cannot find signs of forced entry into their locked home. Now Terry begins to wonder if his wife is making up these things because of her fragile emotional state.

Cynthia and Terry hire a private investigator to look into what's been happening since the TV show was aired. Days go by and they hear nothing from him. Soon they make a grisly discovery, and now there is double murder. Cynthia is devastated, feeling her world closing in on her. Terry and a friend with a history of a life of crime start their own search for answers. They travel from Connecticut to upstate New York to put pieces of the puzzle together. Soon, what happened twenty-five years before is revealed and brought to a shocking conclusion.

No Time For Goodbye is a fast paced thriller that will leave you guessing until the finish.

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