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Missile Happy!: Volume 1    by Miki Kiritani order for
Missile Happy!
by Miki Kiritani
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2007 (2007)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Miki Kiritani's Missile Happy started as a one-shot manga that was turned into a series. Though the premise is a popular one – two unrelated teens who like each other have to live together – the comedy unfortunately falls flat.

Mikako Saeki's older sister has a marriage meeting set up. Determined to make sure her sister gets the best match, Mikako decides to spy on her prospective fiancé Rou by moving in with him for the three weeks her sister is out of town on a business trip. Much to her surprise, Rou is still in high school. Mikako finds herself really liking Rou – but for her, not her sister. When her sister comes back early, Mikako is upset that she has to leave Rou, but, fortunately, her sister falls for Rou's older brother, and the two move in together, kicking Mikako back into Rou's apartment. Soon, the two fall into a routine much like a married couple, but Mikako constantly worries that Rou will grow tired of her and that they will never get married.

The story of Missile Happy jumps around so much that it is hard to get into. Instead of following the traditional format of changing setting on a page break, Miki Kiritani has multiple settings on a page, not vignette-style, with only a panel or two on each setting, but with important dialogue. This makes the plot very hard to follow. Also, the panels tend to be cluttered with side dialogue, which also interrupts the flow and enjoyment of the story. The story included at the end, Sentimental Spillover, is much easier to follow, and thus more enjoyable, even if it does have a predictable ending. It also has a nice mix of romance with a little comedy thrown in.

When dealing with a premise common to romantic comedies, something needs to stand out to capture the reader's attention. Unfortunately, this first volume of Missile Happy misses its mark.

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