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Die With Me
by Elena Forbes
Order:  USA  Can
MacAdam/Cage, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

In the opening scene of Die With Me, a top-notch thriller by Elena Forbes, a na´ve adolescent woman meets a mysterious man and follows him as he seductively leads her into a London church (which adjoins the church's graveyard). Of course, the graveyard foreshadows all that will follow as the author weaves her chilling web of mystery and murder.

Readers are quickly introduced to DI Mark Tartaglia who is soon dispatched to St. Sebastian's Church, the scene of a young woman's 'violent and horrible death,' which looks like suicide (at least at first glance), but Tartaglia senses something more difficult and dangerous. Then Tartaglia learns about at least two other young women (although there may be more) who have died similar deaths, and - if Tartaglia's instincts are correct, as they most often are - more women will soon die as a perversely manipulative pied piper preys on London's vulnerable young women.

As for Tartaglia, even while he is following very few clues in pursuit of what seems to be an incredibly elusive but increasingly threatening serial predator, Tartaglia is also dealing with challenges in his personal life, especially as he tries to sort out his tangled relationships with the 'complicated women' around him.

Employing a balanced ensemble of exquisitely rendered characterizations, author Elena Forbes expertly deploys her characters in a well-paced, tightly structured plot that will keep readers guessing until the final moments of this highly recommended tale featuring Tartaglia, a stubborn and complex cop in relentless pursuit of an intensely evil killer. Don't miss reading the suspense-filled Die With Me, one of this year's very best murder mysteries.

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