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Love Kills: A Britt Montero Mystery    by Edna Buchanan order for
Love Kills
by Edna Buchanan
Order:  USA  Can
Simon & Schuster, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Reporter Britt Montero disappears after the death of her fiancÚ, Kendall McDonald. When the Cold Case Squad needs her for questioning about a body found in the Everglades, her friend and colleague, Lottie Dane, finds her on a remote island. Britt knows the time has come to return to Miami and her life as a newspaper journalist.

Britt's first story when she returns is about a young honeymoon couple whose boat disappears in the Bermuda Triangle. Only the handsome groom is found. His young wife went down with the boat. This heartbreaking tale takes a different turn when the boat is discovered in the hands of Cuban smugglers. Britt chases her story of a serial bride killer, while the Cold Case Squad looks for the murderer of a man who made his living by kidnapping children from mothers awarded custody. The divorced husbands paid well for the service and for the man's advice on keeping the children.

Despite the fact that Britt's story and the Cold Case investigation never intertwine, the Cold Case adds humor and keeps Britt's relationship with Lieutenant Riley, her fiancÚ's former lover, front and center. Although the plot has numerous holes, dropping in on Britt's life is reason enough to give Love Kills a read. Buchanan presents some surprises fans shouldn't miss and her smooth writing makes for easy reading that keeps readers entranced.

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