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Uninvited    by Justine Musk order for
by Justine Musk
Order:  USA  Can
MTV, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Kelly hasn't been the same since the car accident that killed two friends, Kira and Ronnie. The accident also took her brother Jasper away from her. Jasper was in the car when it crashed, but he wasn't the driver. After the accident, although he was cleared of use of drugs and alcohol and the police report showed that Ronnie had been driving, Jasper ran. Since he ran everyone is sure that he is guilty of something.

A former honor student and athlete, Kelly is just keeping her head above water. Her friends drifted away and her popularity is a thing of the past. Only her oldest friends, Morgan and Amy, stick by her. Unfortunately, Amy is all too ready to join Kelly in the risky behavior she's fallen into. Morgan objects, but she goes along, too.

Recently, Kelly keeps seeing a coyote. She isn't even sure he's real, but he seems to be keeping watch over her. Things are stranger still at school where she meets a teacher who gives her advice about truths - only he doesn't exist. She wonders if recreational drug use could be hanging over. One thing is sure, since her friend Nick found out what she is doing he is definitely cooler towards her. So much for a future romance.

Jasper's return is as strange as his disappearance. Will her family recover now? Will things return to normal? This spooky urban fantasy keeps you guessing.

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